How Paid Advertising Can Get You More Patients

Monday, September 26, 2022

What comes to mind when you think of the phrase “healthcare advertising?” Perhaps you recall the latest drug commercials on TV with catchy slogans and jingles. Or maybe you think of commercial advertising campaigns launched by the major health systems in your region, or banners plastered around ballpark stadiums. Healthcare advertising has largely been dominated by major companies, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Individual doctors, clinics, and other private practice owners—from weight loss centers to chiropractors—can all benefit from advertising campaigns that include paid search for physicians. Here’s a look at exactly how paid advertising can put more people in your treatment rooms.

A Quick Overview of Paid Search for Physicians

Unless you enjoyed a previous career as a marketer, you might not be too familiar with the intricacies of paid advertising campaigns. You can place paid advertisements on social media platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc.), as well as on Google. Pay per click (PPC) ads can be particularly attractive for budget-conscious medical practices. As the name suggests, the advertiser only pays for the ad when someone clicks on it. This means that you’re putting your brand in front of many, many more eyes than what you’re paying for. Even if someone doesn’t click on the ad, they may remember your brand and search for your website the next time they need your services.

Benefits of Paid Search for Physicians:

1. Precise Targeting of Prospective Patients

Paid search for physicians allows for a precise degree of targeting. When setting up a Google advertising campaign, for instance, it’s possible to specify exactly which types of people will see the ads. You can restrict your ads to people living within a certain geographical area. You can also set your ads to display only to people who are either men or women in a certain age range. (If you specialize in treating erectile dysfunction, it makes sense to primarily target men, but bear in mind that some women may also be interested in referring their male partners to your clinic.)

You can also set the paid search campaign to target people with particular interests. For example, if you’re a chiropractor, you can target people who are searching for information on back pain. Unlike plastering flyers on cars or putting up a billboard, digital advertising allows for careful demographic targeting.

2. Highlight Special Offers

By nature, the medical field doesn’t always lend itself well to special offers and discounts. Primary care physicians, for example, don’t tend to run sales. However, certain medical providers could indeed benefit from using paid advertising to highlight special offers. If you’re a massage therapist, why not offer a free upgrade with hot stones for everyone who books a one-hour deep tissue massage? You may attract new patients who might not otherwise treat themselves to wellness services.

3. Brand Awareness = Competitive Edge

Paid search for physicians allows you to create a more memorable brand and to raise brand awareness in your community. This gives you a strong competitive edge over other providers nearby. In short, it can accelerate the growth of your practice.

Healthcare providers are among the busiest of professionals. You need to spend your time doing what you do best: caring for your patients, not fussing with digital advertising. Leave the paid search for physicians to the pros. Contact 7FigureDocs today to request a free strategy call.

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